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     So my whole senior year at SCAD has been focused on making a film, and I’m about 2/3 into it… Here’s just a few style frames from it…

It’s got real Jello… 

A hungry hand…

And 3 characters that don’t want to get eaten!

     I made the background assets of the fridge from food and junk I bought at Walmart and the Dollar Tree.

     I had to sculpt a few of my set pieces that I had to light and shoot for my film. I made my fridge out of florist foam from Michael’s and used acrylic paint… And I definitely made my own green screen from Walmart fabric.

In my last shot I have my 3 main characters in ice cubes, so I had to cut them out, tape them and freeze them. However I didn’t pour boiling water in the tray like I was suppose to, so my ice cubes got foggy and then they fell apart and it was a huge fail! I had to improvise, so I just saran wrapped them around ice cubes… Close enough.

So here it’s all thrown together…

And probably one of the most fun things to do was gathering the voices for all my characters… luckily my brother is into sound so I had all the equipment/software right under my own roof. 

      I’m animating in ToonBoom Harmony… It’s nice to have this program, but it’s hard having access to it only at school! I’m a commuter, and the struggle IS real people!   

     The work environment has been wonderful. I’m surrounded by talented people at school and I love working with them… I’m beyond blessed by having my professors and I love where I’m at!

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Much Needed Update…

     So needless to say my senior year has been pretty crazy, but here’s what I’ve been up to…

     In October, one of my assignments from my illustration class got published in the AJC. It’s scratchboard and ink… I love Atlanta, so here was my take of the new ferris wheel addition to our skyline.

     I took a Digital Cel Animation class in the fall, and one of our assignments was pretty much anything we wanted… so I dressed up and killed some food!

     I then was able to brand myself as a 2D Animator in my Professional Development class.

     Since I was a little short on cash this past Christmas, I decided to make a special gift for a special someone… Good thing I had those maquette building skills under my belt!

Other than that, my whole year has been focusing on my senior film, and you can check out my progress blog on SLICE&DICE! 

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Our Pitch for Adult Swim: Seymour Butz’ FunLand

Check out the full blog at http://seymourbutzfunland.wordpress.com/

So our school is doing a collaborative pitching challenge where we come up with a series, have a network in mind to “pitch” it to, and then out of all the group, the top 6 will get to have lunch with Adult Swim and pitch the ideas themselves. My team was amazing for this project, I know we’re all proud for all that we did in so little time. Anyways, regaurdless of the outcome, it was totally worth working on!

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So I FINALLY finished my assignment that was really due November 14…. Yea better late than never.

Finals week was brutal, I literally packed a suitcase in my trunk and I lived at school for a week. (Mind you I’m a commuter and I had no time to spend driving back and forth for like 2 hours of sleep) I showered in the locker room and I had a sleeping bag, so I was pretty much set. 

But I realized with this project, I probably bit off a little more than I could chew because I seriously underestimated the time it would take to actually shoot the oil paint… Not to mention I had 2 other finals to worry about.

I learned that it all comes down to budget… Did this project fit my time budget for finals? No… Was it at a satisfying level of completion by the due date? Heck No… Did I learn anything from this? Yes. Was it worth the challenge along with learning life’s lesson of time management? Absolutely. I couldn’t stand the feeling of knowing my project was unfinished, so I finally completed it yesterday…. 

Even though it’s not perfect, it’s mine. This animation is from a dream I had. I literally reached my hand up to the sky and I drew a picture, and then all of a sudden it came to life. It felt so amazing creating something big enough that everyone could see… and even though that was just a dream, it represents something bigger inside of me. 

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